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Carbon Monoxide can Kill!   You cannot see it, smell it or taste it!
Carbon Monoxide is often produced as a result of poor maintenance or incorrect installation of gas appliances by unqualified persons.

Gas Safety Checks

Our gas safety checks apply to all your gas appliances. A regular (usually annual) check is beneficial to ensuring the correct operation of the appliance, safety controls, and that there is effictive ventilation and flueing. That is what the gas industry and use regulations state we should do to keep you safe.

However at present only landlords are legally required to carry out these checks on a regular basis in the form of a landlords gas safety certificate.

Landlord's safety certificates

We are able to issue landlords safety certificates. All gas appliances and installations in rented accommodation should be tested and certified as being safe, annually.

If they are not, the landlord could be liable for any resulting damage or injury sustained by any accident caused by the gas installation.

Landlords cannot ignore their liability for death or personal injury resulting from gas maintenance negligence. Cool Flame Heating offer specifically designed inspections for landlords to ensure that their installations comply with all the relevant regulations, these include

GAS INSPECTIONS. Inspection and testing of the gas installation and appliances such as boilers, cookers and fires. Detection of any gas leaks or the presence of any carbon monoxide.

GAS BOILER SERVICE. Neglected gas boilers can be the principle source of leaks, both Gas and Carbon Monoxide. Regular servicing protects your tenants, reduces your potential liability, extends boiler life and ensures economic operation. Penalties for infringement can be severe, with fines to a maximum of 5,000, six months imprisonment(or more) or both.

There are numerous high profile cases of injury or death. Don't just take our word for it - for more details click here and follow the links to Corgi, Health and Safety Executive.

Don't become a statistic or put off till tomorrow these simple checks, which are designed to be as affordable as possible while maintaining the quality and integrity of our gas services.

    Safety Checks include (minimum of) the following:
  • Check whole system and appliances for gas tightness.
  • Check burner pressure
  • Check gas rate against available mfr data plate.
  • Check for satisfactory ventilation provision.
  • Test flue for removal of products of combustion.
  • Check operation of any flame failure/safety devices.
  • Check for presence of stability brackets/fixings.
  • Visual inspection of appliance, pipework & controls for damage
  • Visual meter inspection

The above data is marked on your landlord gas safety certificate.

All Cool Flame operatives are registered with Corgi (the governing body, Council for Registered Gas Installers). This is your assurance that all work is carried out to industry standards.

In addition, Cool Flame aim for higher standards of workmanship by NOT allocating fixed times to complete jobs or too many jobs to complete in one day; thus relieving any pressure on our operatives to take short cuts.

This is an almost unique philosophy which is in place for your safety. Please bear with us if we cannot arrive exactly at your booked time slot. However, if we are running late we WILL call you.

Book a landlord certificate today by calling free on 08000 15 45 25 (8am-8pm). Sameday service normally possible.

GAS Emergencies

If you think you smell GAS or have a GAS Escape:

Turn off the gas supply immediately at the Emergency/Meter control valve - this will be located next to the gas meter which in modern properties will be in a box on the outside wall

Extinguish all sources of ignition

Do not smoke

Do not operate ANY Electrical light or power switches either on or off

Ventilate the building by opening doors and windows

Ensure access to the building can be gained by the Gas Emergency Service

Report the Gas escape to the National Gas Emergency Service Call Centre on 0800 111999, who will advise on what to do next

If you need someone to check the internal systems within the property make sure they are a Corgi registered engineer! We offer fixed price hourly charges for gas & heating emergencies.

Emergency Call Out

New fixed price gas safety
checks for Homebuyers
Peace of mind for 65

  • Coolflame Homebuyer Gas Safety Inspection is like an MOT for your gas appliances.
  • You wouldn't buy a car without one so why take the risk with your new home.
  • We make sure your gas appliances and heating system are working properly and safely.
  • After moving in you have about a week to advise the seller of any faults and claimback the cost.
  • The boiler service can indicate the general state of a boiler & potential problems/costs in the future.
  • Combined boiler service & safety checks for Homebuyers are great value and could really save a life.
  •  Dont delay! Call Cool Flame
     today on 08000 15 45 25

    Gas Appliances should be serviced and installed by Corgi qualified engineers.

    Once the work is completed you will receive a gas safety certificate for your records.

    We don't just advertise good service at times to suit you, we actually deliver.